Parents turn to social media for help finding baby formula

Families say they’re doing everything they can to fill their baby bottles – even asking for strangers to help on social media. 

"The situation has become dire," said Florida mom Ariel Geeraerts. 

Geeraerts says her 2-year-old daughter gets all of her nutrients from formula. The toddler, who has a rare disorder, is fed through a tube. 

"She coded a lot when she first was born. So we almost lost her a lot. To lose her to starving to death would be horrendous," Geeraerts said. 

Families across the country are in a daily, frantic search to find baby formula. FOX 35 found bare shelves throughout the Orlando area. 

The supply of formula has dropped 40 percent since April thanks to supply chain issues and a recall at a manufacturing facility. 

Geeraerts says she’s turned to online communities for leads.

"I had people messaging me going, ‘I found it! Can I ship it to you?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, please!’ We’ve been able to get it tracked down through social media," she explained. 

Paytin Pogue says she’s also found help on Facebook. 

"I thought I was crazy - but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do for her son," Pogue said. 

The Texas mom says she can’t find her son’s formula anywhere in her state – so she reached out to an Orlando area mom group after seeing it’s being sold in stores here. 

"There was one lady in that group who is sending me formula, and it should be here tomorrow," Pogue said. 

Doctors say parents should consider different brands of formula.  They say you should never try and make your own at home.