Parent group: Japanese sci-fi book series too violent, inappropriate for high school libraries

A Japanese book series is being described as too violent and inappropriate for high school libraries in Osceola County, and a parents group is pushing to have the series removed.

"Assassination Classroom" is described as a science fiction Manga series – or comic-like – and appears to center around the assassination of an alien-like homeroom teacher to protect Earth. It appears that it was also adapted into a TV series, according to IMDB.

"This is one of the first pages," said Chris Fontenot, of Citizens Defending Freedom, which depicts guns being pointed at the alien-like creature."Right from the beginning its very questionable and alarming, considering the current climate we’re in, in our country."

"The books are about students who are being taught to assassinate their alien teacher and there’s just a lot of violence, sexual depiction and inappropriate content for high school," she said.

Her group has filed a complaint to remove the series from Osceola County high schools, including Liberty High.

"The books are downplayed a lot because they’re considered to be fantasy; its students assassinating their alien teacher."

During an April 11 school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace said the series has been pulled and that it would be reviewed by the district's review committee.

"We have pulled it, and we will follow with a district review, but there’s no sexual content in it. It does have kids with guns, but again, it’s a purple alien who’s out to destroy the world," she said, noting that she hadn't read the books.

A school-level committee OK'd keeping the book in the district libraries, but Citizens Defending Freedom appealed that decision to the school board.

"It does depict sexual graphic nature, sexual scenes it’s not appropriate," Fontenot said.

"Science fiction or not, it’s still being put into their brains and kids become what you feed into them," said Bethany Stansell.

Cory Stanell described the books as "very inappropriate."

"At the end of the day, you want them to have the utmost respect," said A.J. Singh.

Fontenot said she's the books have been pulled pending the review, which is expected to take around 30 days. Ultimately, the School Board will have the final say. 

"It does make me feel a little better that it is off the shelves for now while it’s being reviewed," she said.