Palm Coast planning massive food drive Saturday

A mission to feed thousands of families has taken over the City of Palm Coast.

Two weeks ago, Mayor Milissa Holland announced the "Rise Up Palm Coast" initiative to collect food and money for a food drive on Saturday.

The city partnered with Parkview Church where Pastor Greg Peters said the community’s generosity has allowed them to increase the original goal. 

“Right now, the city is ready for 2,500 families and we’re ready for 2,500 families,” he said.

Peters said the word about the initiative’s success has spread.

“We’ve had other churches call us. We’ve had other towns contact us,” he said. “How about that? Little 'ole Palm Coast and Flagler County may be making a difference not just here but in other places as well and that warms my heart.”

He added all are welcome to attend.

“It’s Palm Coast. It’s Bunnell. It’s Flagler Beach. It’s Flagler County. In fact, if you can drive here and get here, we’re gonna help,” he said.

Mayor Holland said thanks to the community’s support, they will be able to do more food drives in the future.