Palm Bay teen admits to staging 911 call for help after killing mother and her boyfriend: Police

A 16-year-old girl from Palm Bay is accused of killing her mother and her mother's boyfriend before calling 911 for help, police said. 

Shortly after midnight on July 7, the teen called 911, alleging that a man had broken into her home through a back sliding door. When officers arrived at the home, they found the teen's mother, 42-year-old Kelley McCollum, and Kelley's boyfriend, 22-year-old Matthew Szejnrok, both dead from gunshot wounds. Szejnrok also had stab wounds on his body, an affidavit shows. 

The teen initially told detectives she was home alone in the living room when the man broke into the home. She claimed she grabbed her dogs and ran to hide in her bedroom, leaving her phone on the couch. 

When McCollum and Szejnrok arrived home, the teen said she heard screaming, followed by five to six gunshots, more screaming, and then silence. After an hour, she left her bedroom and discovered the bodies of her mother and her mother's boyfriend, an affidavit shows. 

While at the scene, detectives said they found a gun underneath the teen's bedroom window, a bloody knife on the bathroom window, and bloody footprints that matched the pattern at the bottom of the teen's shoes. 

Detectives also discovered that the glass from the backdoor was on top of McCollum's leg – which they say would have been impossible according to the teen's account of what happened. 

After being brought in for questioning, the teen eventually told detectives what really happened. 

She allegedly broke into her mother's bedroom to take her gun and ammunition while she waited in the kitchen area for the couple to come home. When they walked through the front door, she shot her mother and Szejnrok multiple times, police said. 

The teen said she followed Szejnrok, who ran into the bathroom and stabbed him several times before fatally shooting him, police said. She said she had reached her "boiling point" with her mother following several disagreements about the teen's mother not being accepting of her "transition." The two also argued because she did not like that her mother was dating a 22-year-old man. 

The 16-year-old is facing two counts of first-degree pre-meditated murder and was turned over to the Juvenile Department of Justice.