Oviedo man allegedly used fake Snapchat, Cash App accounts to solicit nude photos from minors

Marvin Wagner III was arrested and charged with obscene communication to lure and solicit a minor and using or allowing a child to engage in sex. (Photo: Seminole County Sheriffs Office)

A 25-year-old man has found himself behind bars after he allegedly used Snapchat and Cash App to lure two girls to send him nude photos over the course of a year. 

Marvin Wagner III was arrested and charged with two counts of obscene communication to lure and solicit a minor and sexual performance by a child, according to an arrest affidavit from the Oviedo Police Department.

Wagner allegedly created Snapchat and Cash App accounts under the name "Karla" to solicit nude images of two girls under the age of 16. He knew the girls because they were friends with his half-sister, the affidavit said. This exchange started on an unknown date in February 2023 up until Jan. 10 of this year. 

Under this "Karla" account, Wagner would send the girls increments of $20 or $50 in exchange for nude photos of themselves. Over the course of a year, one of the girls said she sent 15 photos to "Karla," the affidavit added. At one point, "Karla" allegedly offered to send them money in exchange for them to leave undergarments in public mailboxes so he could secretly retrieve them, but they declined. 

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"Why are you ignoring me and delete the stuff," Wagner said in a Cash App request to what was later identified as one of the girls. The request was declined. Police said this request aligns with the girls' statements that "Karla" was reaching out to them again. 

Two days later, a request came in for nude photos, but the girls noticed "Karla" actually had a username of "Marvin Wagner," the affidavit said. 

"(They) immediately knew who he was, as they were friends with Wagner's (half-sister)," the affidavit said. "After learning Wagner was involved, both (girls) felt disgusted and betrayed."

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The girls told an unnamed person who then drove the girl to the Oviedo Police Department to report the investigation. The next day, police called Wagner to the station to interview him. At first, Wagner denied any involvement to police, but when police said they would subpoena records from Cash App and his bank, he asked to speak with his attorney. 

Police subpoenaed Cash App and PNC Bank, who both confirmed that Wagner was behind both accounts accused of soliciting nude photos from minors. In fact, there were five Cash App accounts that linked "Karla" to Wagner, the affidavit said. 

Wagner was arrested on Wednesday and transported to the Seminole County Jail, where he remains on $90,000 bond. He's scheduled to appear in court on May 14.