Outrage sparked after photos show Savannah square trashed from St. Patrick's Day celebration

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Park fountains gushed with green-dyed water. Beers trucks made deliveries on a constant loop. Thousands of tourists in green outfits celebrated in St. Patrick's day in Savannah this year.

Every year, Georgia's oldest city rings in the holiday with the South's largest St. Patrick's Day parade. It's a 195-year-old tradition that was started by Irish immigrants who came to Savannah. It is not one of the region's most popular street parties after New Orelan's Mardi Gras.

However, following Saturday's festivities, some were very unhappy about these celebrations. Photos of the aftermath of the celebration was posted on the City of Savannah's Facebook page for the St. Patrick's Day festival. In the photos, trash is seen all over Wright Square.

Volunteers and staff did work together though to clean up the mess, as the photos also showed. 

Nonetheless, some people were left unhappy. One commentor reacted "Outrageous! Historic Squares should be closed for #StPatricks!" 

Another commentor said "TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU!! We are better than this Savannah......"

However, some commentors were sure to thank the staff and volunteers that had to deal with the mess. For example, this commentator said "So shameful. God bless the people who cleaned up after the slobs."

Another commentor said "Why is it so difficult for grown people to put their trash in a trash bin? Thank you to those that helped clean up after this mess and others that are sure to follow.

Sanitation teams worked overnight to ensure that Savannah was beautiful again by Sunday's sunrise.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.