Osceola High School principal under investigation

Kissimmee Police are investigating after they said they received a complaint from a parent, claiming that their child was battered the principal at Osceola High School, Nia Campbell.  

Video students are circulating on social media shows students rushing the court after the Kowboys won their basketball game, earning them a shot at the state title.  A woman in a blue shirt, who students identified as Principal Campbell can been seen grabbing students by their arms away from the excitement in the middle of the court.

A phone call went out to parents of all students from the school’s principal.  

“Dear parents this is Dr. Nia Campbell from Osceola High School.  I wanted to make you aware that there has been an allegation made against me regarding a situation that occurred following the boy's basketball game last Friday.  District leadership and school board general counsel have reviewed the allegation and video slash videos that have been circulated and have found no cause to relieve me of my duties at this time.”

This is an open and ongoing investigation, according to Kissimmee Police.