Ormond Beach recovers from hurricane, flooding, reported tornado

When the winds of Hurricane Irma finally subsided and curfew finally lifted in Ormond Beach Monday, residents were left with a lot to clean-up from a triple threat of storms.

In addition to the hurricane force winds that blew through on Monday morning, the low lying areas of the city were covered with several inches of flood waters; some that went right up to the front doors of homes.

To make the situation more of a mess, first responders in the area reported a tornado in one of the inland neighborhoods during the storm.

On Monday morning that neighborhood was a mess of damage including downed trees and pieces of roofs and homes strewn throughout the street. At least one family said they’d likely be displaced by the storm after their roof came off and the rain from Irma flooded much of the house beyond repair.

That same, likely, tornado also did damage to several businesses and one of the city’s fire stations on the inland.
No major injuries were reported in Ormond Beach due to the storm but power to a large portion of the city was lost in the storm.

The city advised residents through their webpage to conserve water for the time being due to the unknown effects of the storm on city utilities.