Ormond Beach company tapped to help make coils for ventilators during pandemic

As companies shutter, Standard Technology faced a similar dilemma as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the nation.

“We were in a situation where we weren’t sure if we were going to be shutting down,” said owner Tony Bilello.

The small Ormond Beach-based manufacturing business works with a variety of industries producing all types of products. Many of them are halted.

“Commercial-grade products, things of that nature, and a lot of those people are shut down so they’re not really needing our product right now,” he said.

But recently, a lifeline came for Bilello.

A California customer shifting its focus to ventilator production asked him to make small coils that go into control valves that control airflow.

“Without it, you wouldn’t have a ventilator,” he said.

Belillo said the need for the coils has increased by the day.

“At first they wanted about a thousand coils. Then, the very next day that went up to 10,000 and by the very next day after that they said be prepared for 25 to 50,000,” he said.

Since the initial request, the company has completely shifted its focus.

“We were able to retool the factory pretty quickly to really just make two different coils to go into ventilators and that’s all we’re concentrating on right now,” Belillo said.

“Go, go, go and make as many as we can,” said employee Tabatha Winn.

Employees, like Winn, are aware they are now part of an important fight. 

“You know, feel good that I'm able to contribute and kind of do something important that’s cool,” Winn said.

“They know that with every coil they make is another ventilator that could save a life,” Belillo said.