Orlando's Icon Park preps for hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian nears Florida, major attractions in Central Florida are starting to prepare.

At Icon Park the tasks include tying down outside furniture and kiosks at the shops and restaurants.

“We work with all of them to make sure outdoor furniture is secured… that the kiosks are taken in secured,” said CEO Chris Jaskiewicez. 

As for the massive 400-foot Ferris wheel, Jaskiewicez said it’s quite the task.

“Literally tying the wheel down with four big cables to the earth, so that really serves as an emergency brake on the wheel,” he said. 
He said the park will make the call on shutting down the wheel when winds of 20 MPH are anticipated in a 36-hour timeframe. 

Aside from physically tying it down, he said the structure is built to withstand hurricanes. 

“We have eight huge columns that tie into the foundation,” he explained. 

Jaskiewicez said the shops would stay open until the roads shut down. 

Meanwhile, tourists like Jeff Kopp are enjoying the final days before the storm possibly hits Central Florida.

The Arizona resident, who is in town for a work conference, cut his trip short and leaving a day early.

“Just wanting to get out of here before it hits,” he said. “I’m hoping that there aren’t any issues and I don’t get stuck at the airport.”

The park said its shops would remain open until the roads are shut down.