Orlando Weather Forecast: Cooler, drier air for Central Florida mid-week

Tonight's Low: 65 degrees | Tomorrow's high: 80 degrees | Rain: 20% at coast

Main weather concerns: Rip current risk remains along the Atlantic Coast due to waves anywhere from 3 to 5 feet and a 20 mph northeast, onshore wind. Also, water levels will continue to rise along the St. Johns River and the lakes that feed it. Otherwise, it will be gorgeous weather with low humidity and highs around 80 degrees, making conditions ideal for getting recovery and cleanup efforts.


Not great at the beach as it will be sweatshirt weather with cooler temperatures in the mid-70s and gusty winds over 20 mph, along with a high risk for rip currents. Otherwise, abundantly comfortable.


It couldn't be better. Dry skies and warm temps in the low mid-80s during the day, comfy 60s at night. Sunshine prevails mixing with clouds at times.


Dry conditions all week will allow any puddling and flooding in areas away from the St. Johns to slowly absorb and begin to dry. Low humidity all week with temperatures slowly warming into the upper-80s by the weekend under abundant sunshine.


A tropical wave enters the Caribbean this week and has a low chance to develop into a tropical system. If it forms, it would likely track west toward Central America. A second tropical wave off of Africa is more likely to develop but poses no problem to the U.S. mainland.