Orlando performer missing in Japan

UPDATE: John Fournier has reported to Fox 35 that his brother, Teddy Fournier, is safe.

The family of an Orlando man is desperate for answers, after he seemingly disappeared during a trip to Japan. 

John Fournier says his brother, Teddy Fournier, left for Asia about two weeks ago. 

He says family members haven’t heard from Teddy in days, that he missed worked and has stopped posting on social media. 

“It’s Mother’s Day today. My mom is crying like crazy,” John Fournier said. “We haven’t been able to get a hold of him through phone – through anything.”

Fournier says Teddy, 26, is a stilt performer who has entertained at Disney World and Universal Studios. 

He says Teddy was scheduled to work at a music festival outside of Tokyo this weekend, but he visited Tokyo Disney first. 

That was Thursday, eastern time, and Fournier says people saw his brother at the park that day.
“Since he was seen watching the parade to now, we don’t know what happened to him,” he said. 

Fournier says Teddy never checked into his hotel near the music festival and that he never showed up to perform. 

“He’s a good kid. He doesn’t really get into trouble. He loves his job, so the fact that he’s not there, that he missed work, is what’s really concerning,” Fournier said. 

The family has contacted the U.S. Embassy for help, but say they haven’t gotten any definitive answers about where Teddy may be. 

They say embassy officials have refused to answer their questions, citing privacy laws.  

“It’s been a nightmare. We really just want to know if he’s alive somewhere and that’s been the nightmare. We don’t know what’s going on,” Fournier said. 

The News Station reached out to the state department about the situation. 

A spokeswoman said she would look into it, but we haven’t heard back.