Orlando Melbourne Airport faces lawsuit over name

Call it a name game-blame game.  After years of squabbling, Orlando’s Airport Authority is now taking their beef to court. Officials there want Melbourne’s airport to drop "Orlando" from the name.

A lawsuit has just been filed, so now, the airports are at an elevated level of tension. In the suit, Orlando airport officials accuse Orlando-Melbourne of federal and state false advertising and federal and state trademark infringement. Officials at Orlando-Melbourne Airport declined to comment, due to pending litigation.

This started in 2010. That’s when Melbourne added Orlando to its title. Officials say within a year online traffic soared from 1.5 million to 5 million clicks. Officials in Brevard County are quick to point out it’s a short drive to Orlando from Melbourne.

“We’re within a very short proximity,” said Bryan Lober, Vice Chair of the Brevard County Commission.

Lober says Sanford is doing it, so why not Melbourne?

“I think it’s an embellished problem, in a sense, there is such little likelihood of confusion and they’re such a small number of individuals that are impacted, it seems that it’s making much ado about nothing,” he said.

No court date yet. And neither side is budging.