Orlando man accused of hitting Disney security guard over face mask

A man from Orlando is accused of hitting a Disney security guard in the head and threatening to kill him because he was upset about the park’s mask policy.

Parkgoers FOX 35 News spoke with are shocked to hear about this.

“It’s not the security’s fault,” parkgoer Theresa Bross said. “He’s doing his job. They need to calm down. Everybody needs to calm down. Wear a mask.”


Orange County deputies said the incident happened when Toro went to EPCOT with his family last week. They said Toro and his family walked up wearing masks that do not follow the park’s guidelines.

Disney tightened its mask policy last month.

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“Disney, they make you wear the double mask, most places you can wear the bandana or the face cloth,” parkgoer Lane McGallird said.

Toro’s arrest report said he and his family went back to their car and changed masks, but one of his children’s masks did not fit the requirements. The report goes on to say that when the worker denied Toro and his family entrance to the park again, he got angry, hit him and made threats.

Toro is charged with battery.

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Disney fans want their fellow parkgoers to remember to have patience.

“I work at the hospital and I see a lot of people that say, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,’” Bross said. “They can breathe. They just don’t want to wear them and you just have to do what you have to do. You’ve got to stay safe.”

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Investigators said the Disney worker involved in this incident was not injured and is doing okay.