Orlando firefighter recounts moment he saved deputy from fiery crash

An Orlando firefighter being hailed a hero for saving a Seminole County deputy from a fiery crash is sharing his story.

Orlando Fire Lieutenant Ben Wootson was driving with his 8-year-old son when he saw a crash happen involving a Seminole County Deputy. The firefighter, off duty at the time, saw the car crash at S. Orange Avenue and Wayside Drive on Saturday and pulled the deputy out of the burning vehicle.

"The engine compartment was already on fire. As I was pulling him out there were probably two golf ball size flames where his legs were," said Lt. Wootson. "God put me in a place where we were running late – I was in the right place at the right time to save someone from having a catastrophic injury."

Deputy Matthew Luxon crashed due to a medical emergency according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. Lt. Wootson said he was just feeling thankful he was there and could jump into action.

"It’s who I am it’s what we all do. Firefighters, first responders. We are not here to be heroes, we are here to be normal – to help people in need on and off duty," said Lt. Wootson.

He hopes to teach his son who was with him Saturday a lifelong lesson.

"If you’re ever in a circumstance, and you see something – don’t just sit back and watch. Get out, and make a change," he said.

The deputy was taken to the hospital in serious condition but is now stable. He had multiple surgeries and is now on the long road to recovery.