Orlando considers changing some one-way streets

Orange and Magnolia avenues are two of the main streets through downtown Orlando’s so-called North Quarter. Jonathan Santino co-owns Uncle Tony’s Donut Shop, a record store on Orange Avenue. He says tens of thousands of cars drive by every day.

“We don't spend a lot of money advertising. Just being here on this busy corner is our marketing for us,” Santino said.

He said it would be a great idea to turn the avenues into two-way roads. “If people could go northbound on Orange, I think you'd see businesses in this area blossom significantly.”

Last September, the city did a study to see if it was even possible to turn Magnolia and Orange Avenues into two-way streets. On Monday, they'll be voting on the next step of that plan: to design what that would look like and see whether the community is even interested. 

Cara-Bama Barbecue owner Laura Gantt is certainly interested. She said it can be tough directing drivers to her shop because of the one-way street. “They come by and have that once chance, and they don't want to go through the trouble of turning around, going down another one way street and coming back over here.”

This study would also look at how changing the road would affect pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers on the street. If the City Commission approves Phase 2 of the study, it would cost about $167,000 to complete.