Orange County residents can now text 911, instead of calling

Residents in Orange County can now text 911 for help if calling is not an option.

Officials say that texting is best for those who are hearing impaired or have a speech impediment, but if you are in fear for your life and you think that a voice call will bring you harm, then they encourage you to text.

Texting is not encouraged outside of these limits because calling will always be quickest. In the first 30 seconds of a voice call, all the needed information can be gathered. But with texting, it takes often two to three minutes. 

The Orange County government has bought and paid for their system and they say at this point, they have already trained people and tested it.

Most counties do not offer a texting option, as it is not required by any government body. However, Osceola County has their system running since 2016.