Florida HOA ordered to remove illegal speed bumps they installed

An Orange County spokesperson said 20 speed bumps need to be removed from the Wetherbee Lakes subdivision because they don't meet length, height, and width standards and there are no markings or signage. 

They said the HOA installed them without permission from the county. We talked to some drivers who say they had some issues with the speed bumps, but like them because they make it safer.

Driver Juan Guerrero said, "I just wish they were a little bit easier to see. Sometimes at night, it can be harder."

Wetherbee Lakes neighbors said they were installed a few days ago, but according to an Orange County spokesperson, the Wetherbee Lakes HOA failed to go through the proper procedure beforehand.

Neighbor Eddy Rivera is glad they were installed, but thinks the HOA should have taken the steps needed. 

According to an Orange County spokesperson, the county is required to do a traffic study, before installing speed bumps, Rivera says, "If the HOA did wrong they gotta resolve that, they gotta get it fixed." 

We reached out to the HOA and are waiting to hear back.   Neighbor Douglas Rupert says, "Let it stay, let it stay and put some more."