Orange County homeowner shoots and kills intruder, deputies say

One man is dead after an argument reportedly ended with one person shooting another in an Orange County neighborhood on Thursday. 

This happened on Ponderosa Drive northeast of the Orlando airport around 4 a.m. 

According to Orange County deputies, the homeowner shot a person during an altercation on their property. The intruder died at the scene.

Neighbors tell us they heard the shots, but they say they hear so many shots in this neighborhood, they almost didn't think anything of it. 

I guess it was shots fired again," said Celia Najera, a neighbor, "Tonight because every single night we hear them!"

"The man who was shot was pronounced dead on scene," deputies said Thursday.

It's not known exactly what led up to the shooting or who fired the gun.

"My neighbor came out and told us someone had been shot down the street. That's nothing new we ear this all the time so it's like call the cops all the time," Najera said.

Celia Najera has lived here for more than a decade. She said there have been a lot of changes as the area became developed. "I mean, at anytime somebody can walk into your yard, and then something is gonna happen, I'll tell you right now. Because if it comes to my family and them, I'm gonna protect my family."

Deputies haven't released any new information about the intruder who was shot. They say it's still early on in the investigation.