Orange County community on edge after deadly shooting: 'It makes me really worried'

A man was shot and killed at an Orange County apartment complex, just months after a toddler was caught in the crossfire during a drive-by shooting at the same location.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says a man in his 20s was shot at the Hidden Creek Villas apartment complex Saturday around 8 a.m. He died at the hospital.

A drive-by shooting happened at the same complex in February when a 3-year-old was caught in the crossfire. The little girl was shot in the arm, but thankfully was taken to the hospital and is OK.


Families who live in the complex are feeling shaken by these two shootings."It makes me really worried for my family. I feel like I can’t let my kids outside just to be kids – and it’s the summertime," said a mother who lives at Hidden Creek Villas. "And to have to deal with the trauma or just fear of what happens in your neighborhood."

Deputies have not released information on the suspect in this shooting. If you have any information, call Crimeline.