Drivers making dangerous merge across I-4 median near Walt Disney World

As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, lousy traffic and dangerous driving could get worse.

Where State Road 417 merges with Interstate 4 near Walt Disney World Resort, drivers can be found crossing over the grassy median, trying to cut ahead of traffic. Around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, as FOX 35's cameras were rolling, and it only took minutes for about a dozen cars to cruise across the muddy divide.

"I was surprised that they did that," said Don Tolson while getting gas at the next exit. "I thought I’m not sure if that’s legal to do."

Both sides of the road were backed up, and it could get much worse.  AAA predicts more than two million Floridians will take a road trip for Memorial Day. Those coming from other countries could be in for some surprising behavior.

"Typically you wouldn’t see that in the U.K.," Tolson said, who is visiting from London. "I was surprised to see that in America, I have to say."

A tow truck company in the area told FOX 35 that drivers traversing the median keep them busy.

"I would say we easily get three or four calls a day," said Joe Moreton, the owner of Clone Towing and Recovery Services in Kissimmee.

Moreton says drivers get stuck, blow out tires, or even lose control in the mud and crash. All of that, along with the dangerous merging from the grass slows down traffic even more.

"That ground is still extremely soggy," Moreton said. "They hit that grass, and they get stuck. They’re not going anywhere, and it poses a danger to other cars."

FOX 35 reached out to the Florida Highway Patrol to ask about the dangerous driving. 

A spokesperson said they would let troopers in the area know, and added that people can dial *347 to report it when they see it happening.