Orange County closes CARES application portal for $1,000 stimulus checks after just 18 minutes of being open

For possibly the last time, Orange County has reopened the application portal for residents to apply for $1,000 stimulus checks on Monday.

The portal opened at 8 a.m. on July 13 and by 8:18 a.m., the portal had reached its 10,000 capacity limit and was closed.

This could be the last time the portal will open depending on the applications approved and money available, the county said.

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Jen Vargas applied more than a month ago.

“I took over the mortgage. I lost my mom last year to Stage 4 breast cancer. I have all of the bills put on my shoulders and the mortgage is a really big one. When you’re not working your regular schedule or any schedule, it hurts. It really hurts,” she told FOX 35 Orlando.

While Vargas received a confirmation email she hasn’t heard anything else. She has heard on Twitter that "other people were waiting that applied."

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Orange County says that if you have already applied, have a confirmation number, and have not received any e-mail correspondence back before July 13th, do not apply again. It will disqualify you from funding, as CARES is still reviewing all applicants.

County officials added that while not everyone has been notified yet, out of 28,000 completed applications, 21,000 have been approved. 

Applicants are urged to have all their paperwork ready before trying to register. 

To apply, visit


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