Sheriff's Office releases complete report on Miya Marcano death investigation

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released it final complete report on the Miya Marcano death investigation.

The report is 135 pages long and includes many details about the relationship between Marcano and the prime suspect, Armando Caballero. It’s also the first time investigators have released photos from the inside of her apartment the day investigators first checked it out. 

Photos show bloodstains on a pillow and pillowcase, a dresser shoved against the door to keep it closed, broken jewelry on the floor and a window with the additional locks her father installed broken. 

"It just kind of makes that period come back and a lot of the assumptions I made, I think were correct," said neighbor Julie Veiga.

The newly released report also includes new details about Caballero, who worked at the complex where Marcano lived. Family and friends told investigators Caballero would send long, emotional messages to her and even sent a $700 Cashapp payment for "being pretty," which is something Marcano’s family questioned when video shows the confronting Caballero.  Marcano apparently told friends she sent the money back. 

According to the report, Marcano’s father told investigators Caballero sent her flowers the week she went missing. When her family went into her apartment, they found a rose in the toilet. 

Miya Marcano, 19, was reported missing after she did not board a scheduled flight from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

The report also includes a thorough timeline of Caballero’s whereabouts the night Miya was last seen. Investigators say he created a fake maintenance call at Marcano’s apartment. According to the report, Caballero called management, looking for a way to manually override the system to keep the complex’s gate open. 

Surveillance video shows him driving a golf cart from her apartment to the leasing office. His timing lines up with Miya’s key fob activating her door, but no one entering. In the report, investigators determine Caballero was attempting to create a trail to show Marcano was still active. 

According to the report, when Marcano body was found, there was duct tape around her neck, wrists and ankles. Investigators say they found duct tape with long hair attached in Armando Caballero’s car.

FOX 35 News spoke with Marcano’s family shortly after her body was found in October. 

"I feel defeated I feel like I failed my cousin and I don’t know how many get through this."

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