ONLY ON FOX 35: Father of Sade Dixon speaks out about prosecutor's stance on death penalty

The father of murder victim Sade Dixon said he is not happy that State Attorney Aramis Ayala was taken off the case of his daughter's accused killer, Markeith Loyd, despite Ayala's decision not to pursue the death penalty in any cases. 

"Life, no chance of parole, we get closure," said Ron Daniels, "but now if you give him the death penalty, he comes back. Every time he appeals this family or any family has to relive that case all over again."

It's been painful enough for Daniels, dealing with the death of his daughter and her unborn baby. Now he is especially concerned, after Ayala was removed from the case.

"For the simple fact, I have met with this woman. I have spoken to this woman. I have a rapport with her and her team."

Daniels said, with or without the death penalty, his daughter's accused killer will still die in prison, if convicted. He said it will cost too much time and money dealing with a death penalty case.

"Would you rather spend the $52 million or the $19,000?" he asked.  "I understand how you may feel , but look at the big picture."

For his family, Daniels said it's about moving on and coming to peace. He met with Ayala on Thursday, to discuss her decision.

"After talking to her, and I don't want you to think that 'She's not for the death penalty,'  You think about the cost of it and the closure -- those outweigh anything that you can bring for a family."

He said this case is taking an unexpected turn.

"It's all political for me. You got the governor who you never hear from, now he front and center, cause he wanna say, 'No, that's appalling. It's a death penalty case, so we're gonna remove her and put someone else in it.'" 

When asked if he personally believed in the death penalty, Daniels said, "I do, if it's gonna be quick, but now that I understand the process of it, it could be 20, 30 years before this man is executed."

Daniels said he also feels bad for Lt. Debra Clayton's family, but  he added that getting justice is what is most important. 

The husband of Lt Clayton has told FOX 35 that he will get closure "when Loyd is six feet under."

Lt. Clayton's father Rudolph Thomas agreed, saying Ayala should have gone after the death penalty.

"I don't understand, she must not have no kids or something. Its not right," Thomas said.