One killed in deputy shooting

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says that one person was killed during a shooting incident with a deputy Monday night.

Deputies say convicted felon Dominic Fuller was a suspect in a September 13 shooting on Delon Court in Auburndale.

Deputies went to the area Monday night to look into some suspicious activity.

When they arrived around 7:15 pm, they say they saw Fuller sitting in a car.

According to investigators, when deputies tried to make contact with Fuller he ran away.

Deputies immediately began searching for him with K-9 units and a search helicopter.

Investigators say that Fuller ran into various homes throughout the neighborhood, threatening the people inside to give him a ride.

Witnesses told authorities they heard him banging on the doors of houses and yelling that he had a gun.

When deputies finally caught up to Fuller at a home on Dixie Drive they ordered him to put his hands up and surrender, but he wouldn’t listen to the officers’ commands.

Officers report that Fuller raised his right hand towards one of the officers and appeared to be holding a black and chrome handgun.

Deputy Sheriff Gabriel Reveron says he thought the suspect was going to use a gun, and so fired five shots at Fuller.

Fuller then retreated inside the home and barricaded himself.

The SWAT team came to the scene and tried to talk to Fuller for about two hours.

Around 11:05 pm, the SWAT team entered the house and found Fuller dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper body.

Investigators did not find a gun inside the home or on Fuller’s body.

They found a black and silver stapler near his body, and they think that’s what he was pointed at Deputy Reveron.

The Polk County Medical Examiner’s Office will perform an autopsy.

Authorities say Fuller had been arrested 17 times in four different states on charges ranging from drug possession, assault, child abuse, to carjacking.

Deputy Reveron is on administrative leave, per standard operating procedure.