Ohio family traumatized after bullets rip through Florida vacation rental during Disney trip

A family from Ohio visiting Kissimmee is still traumatized after narrowly escaping being shot. 

"Just the horrific sound of what to us was just like fireworks right outside of your house," said Kelleen Reddy.

But, they weren't fireworks. 

The Reddy family would soon learn they were bullets - blasting through their AirBnB in Kissimmee. 

The bullets narrowly missed the family of 14 – from young children to grandparents - huddled inside.

"I mean my two-year-old was sleeping in one of the bedrooms that a bullet came through," said Reddy.

Pictures shared by Kelleen Reddy show the damage. The bullets ripped through bed posts, walls, and their car parked outside. 

It also shattered their sense of safety. 

The family had traveled from Ohio for a week-long birthday celebration at Disney.

"'Every room had been hit. It was just terrifying," said Reddy. 

Reddy says the family noticed a house party growing next door to their rental late Saturday night. She says everyone decided to sleep upstairs for safety. 

Then after 1:30 AM - round after round of gunfire. Reddy estimates at least 9 rounds hit their house alone. 

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office confirmed it is investigating a shooting off Coconut Breeze Drive.

"I would love to arrest those involved," said Sheriff Marcos Lopez, "Those kind of reckless and careless acts are not tolerated."

The Reddy family in the line of fire at the home next door --- and a man standing outside was shot. 

He is expected to be okay. 

"You work so hard to plan a nice trip for your family and this is how it ends," said Reddy. 

The sheriff says deputies are investigating who rented the property to figure out who is responsible. 

Fox 35 is also working to get more information about security policies for the gated property. 

The Reddy family says they left the rental a day early and say AirBnB gave them a full refund. 

AirBnB says the shooting appears to have happened at a rental home that was not rented through AirBnB.