Officials warn of ‘zero tolerance' gunfire policy during Fourth of July weekend

Independence Day is a day of celebrations, fireworks, great food, and the best company. But it is not a day to fire your weapon in celebration.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office wants to remind citizens to celebrate safely and responsibly. They also want to remind citizens that celebratory gunfire is dangerous and illegal.

"Seems a little crazy that we even have to say this, doesn't it? Please don't shoot firearms to celebrate the #4thofJuly," the sheriff's office tweeted. "Those bullets must come down somewhere, and that can lead to tragedy. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday!" 

People involved in celebrating Independence Day by discharging their firearms do not realize the danger posed by their actions.

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It is commonly known that what goes up must come down. A bullet fired up into the air will come down.

A bullet can reportedly travel as much as two miles or more and when it comes down, it can kill.

Celebrate the holiday safely and responsibly. Don’t fire guns into the air.

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