Ocala police officer gets bicycle for teen who walks miles to school

Ocala Police Officer J.A. Fernandez, who serves as a student resource officer (SRO), had a special birthday surprise for a Marion County teenager. 

For his 13th birthday, Yometh received his very first bicycle.

"This student is very humble, very quiet.  He's a really good kid, new to the area.  Every day, I see him and his mother walking miles from where they live to school and then mom comes back again in the afternoon and returns back home," explained Officer Fernandez. "So, she actually walks this four times."

Yometh told Fernandez he had never owned a bicycle. 

"He doesn't even know how to ride a bicycle!" Fernandez added.

Fernandez reached out to Cindy Turner with the Marion County Sheriff's Office for assistance in acquiring a bike for Yometh.  Turner works in the department's youth intervention program and was able to secure a donation for the bicycle.

"I work very close with the SROs at city and county schools," Turner said. "I'm somewhat of a social worker but I am there to assess the needs of juveniles that need help."

Happy Birthday, Yometh!

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