Ocala man: Divine intervention brought nurse, deputy to him

An Florida man is recovering at home after he says two angels saved his life along 27th Avenue in Ocala.

Amy Somwaru, a nurse, just happened to see driver Jason Keegen having a heart attack in his car, as she passed by him, and that's when she jumped into action. As she administered CPR in the car, Deputy Alan Lee with the Marion County Sheriff's Office stepped in to help.

"Got him on the ground, a flat surface, and was able to start administrating CPR," Somwaru explained. 

The two who are credited with saving Keegen's life embraced the moment. 

"You were the perfect person to stop, because you're young, healthy and got those muscles and were able to help me do compressions when I was starting to fail," Somwaru told Deputy Lee.

"And for me, it was great having you, because that was my first time doing CPR. It gives me chills sitting here talking about it," Deputy Lee said.

Someone else who got the chills just thinking about it, was Keegen's wife, Rosemary.

"Nothing but divine intervention brought those two guardian angels, Nurse Amy and Deputy Lee, to my husband's aid on a street corner that day," she said.

"I've never driven down that road!" Somwaru added.  "We were at dinner and my husband made a left-hand turn to go home, and I was like, 'Why are we going this way?' He said, 'We'll just go this way." I said, "Ok!"

Deputy Lee had just started his shift.

"I think everything happens for a reason, and at this point in time, this gentleman needed the right person in the right place, in the right time.  That's what he received."

Keegen believes these angels saved his life.

"My ribs are hurting, short of breath. Alive. I'll take it! I'll take it!.  Thank you very much! I owe them my life."