No bond for substitute teacher accused of groping

Fnu Syedyaseen Asher is being held in the Osceola County Jail without bond.  The 19-year-old substitute teacher made his second first appearance before a judge in just 72 hours Tuesday afternoon.

Prosecutors brought in the lead detective investigating the lewd and lascivious battery cases against Asher to testify before the judge about the newest allegations against him.  So far, investigators said there are a total of six young victims from six to eight years old.  

The parent of a victim at Boggy Creek Elementary School student first contacted deputies Friday.  The detective testified that Asher admitted he has got victims at other schools.  

“He said...two months ago touched another child a Flora Ridge, but he didn't remember her name.  Also, he later advised he touched another child a Mill Creek and told me he only touched five children,” said Detective Stephanie King.  

“Did he make any statements that would go towards establishing that these touchings were done with a lewd intent?” the judge asked.  

“Yes, he said he found the children attractive and beautiful,” Detective King testified.

According to Asher’s arrest affidavit, in each case, the victims described a nearly identical scenario.  Deputies said each child said while up at the teacher’s desk in the classroom, Mr. Asher grabbed them inappropriately while helping them with their school work.  

The affidavit stated one child went home crying, telling her parent her substitute teacher was “weird.”  Many of the children told investigators they didn’t say anything about the inappropriate touching, because it made them feel embarrassed.

Osceola County Public Schools on Tuesday released a list of schools and the dates they said Asher filled-in at each one.  Their spokesperson said parents of students at those schools are being notified through call-out messages and personal calls of the situation.

Those schools include: Boggy Creek Elementary, on Feb. 21 and 28; Central Avenue Elementary, on Jan. 16 and 23, and Feb. 6 and 20; Flora Ridge Elementary, on Feb. 12 and 18; Ventura Elementary, on Feb. 14; Pleasant Hill Elementary, on Jan. 22, and Feb. 8; Kissimmee Middle, on Dec. 18 and 20, Jan. 11, and Feb. 1; Kissimmee Elementary, on Jan. 18; Parkway Middle, on Jan. 15; and Mill Creek Elementary, on Jan. 9.