New video shows fire erupting during a Wawa arrest

A deputy is still recovering after a fire broke out during an arrest at an Orlando Wawa. A report from the Orange County Fire Department states that it was gasoline from a motorcycle that fueled the flames. 

Surveillance video from the Wawa shows the suspect pulling up to pump 14 to fuel up. Deputies quickly arrive to make an arrest. Then flames erupt. One person is seen scrambling to put himself out. 

"One guy was on fire while he was running, so the police had to get a fire extinguishers out to put him out and also the fire," said Demetrius Stanley. 

Stanley witnessed the incident while pumping gas just two pumps away. He said when he saw the flames, he immediately grabbed his kids. 

"My mind was telling me I got to get the kids out of the car before this blows up," said Stanley. 

Osceola County says the deputy that remains in treatment is a 10-year veteran of the force. He has severe burns to his legs. The suspect, Jean Barretto, 26, is also still being treated for burns.

What sparked the fire is still under investigation. 

"I looked at the video. It’s too distant. I haven’t taken the body cam video of the deputies involved. Once I have an accurate depiction of what actually occurred I’ll be able to release that information," said Sheriff Marcos Lopez. 

Sheriff Lopez said the incident began on Donegan Avenue in Kissimmee when they responded to a call of people on motorcycles pointing guns at cars. 

"We don’t pursue. They fled the area. Our aviation unit found multiple individuals. This one just so happens to stop here," said Lopez. 

A witness tells FOX 35 News he believes that a taser used in the incident sparked the fire. Although, deputies were not able to confirm if one was used. 

Deputies say the result of what sparked the fire will come from the Fire Marshall’s report in the next couple of weeks.

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