New Smyrna Beach nurse to be recognized for saving life of lineman who was shocked

The City of New Smyrna Beach plans to recognize a woman who helped save the life of a lineman.

Zach Haplin, a 24-year-old lineman, was electrically shocked while restoring power shortly after Hurricane Ian in the Venetian Bay Community.

Casey Shaw told FOX 35 News she was at home when a neighbor alerted her to the incident. Shaw, who is a registered nurse, ran out of her home barefoot to help the man.

Shaw said she and another lineman performed CPR on Haplin. She said she also used an AED machine that was onsite to administer a shock.

Shaw said her instincts kicked in, and she did what she was trained to do.

"I’m very grateful and very humbled by it and I don’t feel like I necessarily deserve it because I was just trying to help somebody. I really am flattered and honored by the recognition," she said.

Haplin’s family says the incident burned 20 percent of his body. His mom says he’s now recovering at home, healing his burns, and working on mobility.