Tables turned on suspected thief after motorcycle parts stolen in New Smyrna Beach

Ryan Stephens says his motorcycle is his pride and joy. So he was understandably upset when he went outside his home to find that parts of the bike and tools worth hundreds of dollars were missing. 

"I know how that goes with missing tools and parts, there's a low recovery rate, so I expected I need to keep an eye out," Stephens says.

Stephens called New Smyrna Beach Police and filed a report. But then he took an extra step, visiting a nearby homeless camp, where he guessed people might know the thief. 

"I wouldn't suggest that anybody does that," Stephens says, "never suggest you approach a homeless camp and hand out your phone number or get information, but it played out for me in this case, thankfully."

Stephens says he walked around to the back of this nearby Publix and offered the people hanging out here $20 each if they could help him find his missing gear. He says shortly after that, he got a phone call. "Claiming that he had all my gear, my tank, and my toolboxes and wanted to meet here at the Harley-Davidson dealership," Stephens says.

Police say that man was Leonard Annarino, who has a criminal history in Volusia County spanning 16 arrests since 2011. Police say Annarino demanded $500 for the return of Stephens’ equipment. Stephens says he told police about the meeting, and when Annarino showed up at the Harley-Davidson dealership with the stolen gear the cops were ready. "We stepped out of the truck and pointed him out to the police. They arrested him here on 44 across from the KFC, so I was able to recover everything," he said.

Stephens says he now has cameras all around his property, and he's thankful to the New Smyrna Beach Police. Annarino is charged with grand theft, dealing in stolen property, and drug possession.