New Serengeti Flyer ride debuts at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay

Remember tickling your tummy at the playground riding a good old-fashioned swing?

Well, now there's a mammoth swing to enjoy that sends you soaring into the sky at high speeds. 

It’s the new Serengeti Flyer at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

In the amusement industry, this big beauty is known as a Screamin' Swing.

And for good reason too!

40 people at a time hop onboard the ride, and many of them shriek at the thrilling forward and backward motion.

They soar up to 135 feet in the sky reaching a speed of 68 mph, getting a lot of G-force along the way.

Of course, the flight can make you hungry.

And Busch Gardens delivers on the food.

This coming weekend is the final chance to enjoy the Mardi Gras celebration, with parades, brass bands, and specialty food kiosks.

But fear not, the 2023 Food and Wine Festival begins right afterward with dozens of cabins offering international cuisine and beverages.

Musical acts like Kansas, Hoobastank, and Air Supply are performing as well.

The Food and Wine Festival runs from March 10 through May 21, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

And to ride Serengeti Flyer, you have to be 48 inches tall.