New round of Saharan dust headed for Florida could keep tropics quiet

Saharan dust is coming to Central Florida early next week. 

The tropics continue to be active as we get closer and closer to the peak of hurricane season, on September 10th. 

"There is a late season plume of Saharan dust moving off the coast of Africa beginning now, and continuing into next week," said FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Allison Gargaro.

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In the short term, this could keep the tropics quiet for a few days, at least across the tropical Atlantic. This dust will move across the Atlantic, Caribbean and, finally, to Florida. 

Central Florida will see the peak of the dust by Tuesday/ Wednesday of next week. This dust will bring some beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the area. It could also cause poor air quality for sensitive groups. 

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Keep that in mind as we start our next work week.

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