New Eustis Police Chief meets with parents of student dragged at school

A Eustis couple is demanding two school employees accused of dragging their son down a hallway be arrested.
They met with the new police chief for over an hour.

Chief Craig Capri, Eustis Police Department Chief Craig Capri says, "I wanted to meet with the family being the new chief here."
Kevin and Marion Findley want two Eustis Heights Elementary employees, seen dragging their son Kevin Jr arrested.

"The case wasn’t reviewed properly as it should have been." He added, "He’s made some pretty good statements that he’s going to do his best and I’m gonna hold him to it," says Kevin Findley.

Marion Findley agrees, adding, "I do believe that more could have been done and we’re moving forward."

According to a Lake County School District report, a school dean and guardian dragged the kindergartener two different times in February and March. That same guardian was also caught on video four different times, lifting the child by his pants, officials say.

Originally, police told the couple it was a violation of school policy and something the district would need to handle. Chief Capri says new witnesses have come forward.

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"It's up to the State Attorney’s Office, to be honest with you. We do have a 6-year-old kid here, and any kind of allegations of abuse, excessive use of force, or battery is serious."
According to the report, school officials recommended both employees be fired, saying their actions potentially jeopardized the emotional and physical well-being of the student. Instead, the two quit their jobs.

"We’re not lawyers, but we have enough common sense with the intellect that God has given us, that something ain’t right," Marion Findley adds.

"I think we had a great talk. I’m kind of shocked I’m the first one that met with them. I think the school board would have went ahead when this happened," Chief Capri says.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating after the parents took issue with how the caseworker handled the case.

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