DeLand mobile home park residents frustrated over rent increase

Residents in a DeLand mobile home park are panicking as a rent increase is about to go into effect in October. 

Neighbors in Lakeside Village, off Woodland Boulevard, received a notice their rent would increase from $360 to $550. About 40 residents rent a plot of land to sit their homes on from a company registered as Lakeside Village MHP LLC. 

Katherine Peebles said the increase is life-changing for residents living on fixed incomes from social security or disability. 

"This is where I get emotional. There were people here screaming and yelling knowing that they were just done. There’s nothing they can do, they can’t work," she said. 


Peebles and her neighbors have tried tracking down the owner but said a property records search has led them to a tangled web and no answers. 

"We don’t even know who owns the park, we don’t," said Gerald Dundon.

"So we can’t even get a hold of him to even justify a 52 percent increase," added Peebles. 

A search on the state’s business database lists an address in Jacksonville along with a PO Box in New Jersey. Residents tell FOX 35 News they pay their rent to a resident who has been designated the park manager. She declined to comment on camera, saying she would pass along our contact information to the property owners. 

"Somebody’s got to show a little passion here with these older people," said Dundon. "It’s frustrating, it really truly is frustrating. We don’t know what to do or where to turn."