Narwhal the 'unicorn puppy' with tail coming out of head is all grown up now: See photos

A puppy that went viral in 2019 for having a tail growing out of his forehead is all grown up now – and yes, he still has that unique tail!

Three years ago, Narwhal was found abandoned in Missouri wandering in the freezing cold with another dog. The special needs animal rescue organization, Mac's Mission, took in Narwhal – who also had a leg injury – and his buddy. The rescue dubbed the adorable pooch "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn" and his photos quickly melted hearts across the internet.

FOX 35 spoke with the founder of Mac's Mission, Rochelle Steffen, who said three years after finding this ‘unicorn puppy,’ Narwhal is thriving and is now the rescues' spokesdog. 

"He is rotten happy," Steffen said. "And loves his big backyard and his sisters, Sonder and Asis."

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Part of Narwhal's duties as the face of Mac's Mission includes attending events where he is greeted and loved on by kids. He also helps teach manners to puppies and dogs new to the rescue. 

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(Mac's Mission)

Narwhal leads a charmed life now, but his fame also became scary at one point. When photos of Narwhal went viral in 2019, Steffen said some people showed up to the rescue to try and steal and kill him!

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"People thought he was an abomination," she explained. 

Narwhal after being found in 2019. (Mac's Mission)

Narwhal was guarded 24/7 and eventually Steffen ended up adopting the uni-pup herself. 

"He is the best," Steffen said. "He loves to sleep under the covers. He LOVES the outside… he hates car rides but loves to go to events!"

As for that magical tail between his eyes, the rescue says they have no plans to remove it since it doesn't cause him any issues. And just in case you were wondering, no it does not wag.