Murder trial for Florida husband accused of killing his wife begins

It’s been five years since Shanti Cooper-Tronnes died and after many delays, her case is finally going before a judge. 

"The evidence in this case will show that on April 24, 2018, the defendant killed his wife," said a prosecutor.

The first witness to take the stand in the trial was the 911 operator who took David Tronnes's call on April, 24th, 2018. Then a retired officer responded to the scene. 

"He was not crying," said Steven Wilson, a retired officer. 

"Have you never come across who was in shock that displayed grief or such in a manner that was inconsistent with what you would expect normally?" asked the defense. 

"I've yes, I've seen that," said Wilson. "But in this case, he was acting as though he was sobbing." 

"Objection!" said the defense. 

In 2018 police said Cooper-Tronnes was found dead in the shower. David Tronnes told Fox 35 in 2018 that he believed she slipped and fell while getting into the bathroom.  

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A firefighter paramedic who took the stand described the scene.

"If I remember correctly, I believe her body was wet, better clothes were not," said Wade Sperry. 

Gary Crosby, a crime scene investigator who responded to the scene, took pictures of the bathtub.

"There was what looked like signs of diluted blood all the way around the bathtub, like where a water level was," said Crosby. 

"All right and did there appear to be hair in the bathtub and in the drain?" asked the prosecutor. 

"Yeah, there was two sections of hair," said Crosby. 

Prosecutors also talked to a dental assistant who works for a dentist's office.  She said Cooper-Tronnes made an emergency appointment the day before she died, but never showed up and never called to cancel.  

The trial will resume tomorrow.