Multiple Florida teachers, bus drivers quit due to student misbehavior in Brevard County: board chairman

These days, Brevard County high school teacher Dan Bennett said teachers are spending more time disciplining students than teaching them, and the word "frustrated" doesn’t nearly cover it. 

"Wow. This is always a tough job," said Bennett, who has been a teacher for almost 30 years. "There are just so many issues in behavior that we are dealing with right now, and it does seem to be getting worse," he said. 

The chairman of the school board said 42 teachers and eight bus drivers have quit since school started in August because of student misbehavior. Board members are afraid more will quit, too.

Here is the latest example. A few weeks ago middle school students sent FOX 35 video of a Brevard County bus driver yelling at kids while they ask her to let them off. The hysteria started when two kids began misbehaving.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey promised to get tough on students who get out of hand.

"If you are a little snot that wants to be disruptive, you might want to find somewhere else to go to school because we are going to be your worst nightmare starting right now," Ivey said.

Parent and child psychologist Christi Salinas said some students need better resources at school, and she believes bad behavior issues may start at home. 

"How many have an individualized education plan in place, or have been identified for trauma issues and are getting access to school counseling? We need to ask questions, like why, Salinas said.

"At this point, people are looking for answers, and we don’t have them yet from the district," Bennett said. 

The school board is meeting to discuss a new disciplinary plan Thursday morning.