Mount Dora murder suspect indicted by grand jury

A woman accused of murdering an elderly couple in Mount Dora was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday. 

Vicki Lynn Williams, 50, was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of grand theft, the state's attorney's office said. Williams is accused of killing Darryl and Sharon Getman in Mount Dora on December 31, 2022. 

Williams was initially named a person of interest in the case after she was arrested in Savannah, Georgia while driving the deceased couple's car. 

The couple was reportedly found dead inside their home after what appeared to be a violent and seemingly random attack. Both Sharon and Darryl had serious injuries to their head, face, and stomach. A butcher-style knife was found inside Darryl Getman's abdomen, the report stated, as well as defensive wounds. 

The day before the murder, Williams walked into the Watermans Village retirement home community and knocked on the door of an apartment asking if she can take a shower, an arrest affidavit states. The tenant panicked, activated an emergency alarm and Williams reportedly ran away. 

The next day, a vehicle belonging to the Getman's was captured on camera leaving the retirement community around 2:02 a.m. Around 2:12 p.m., the woman walked back to the property and is stopped by security. She left and security followed her off the property.

A resident was concerned that the Getman's garage was left open and called the police. Police arrived and discovered the husband and wife dead. A plate reader spots the Getman's vehicle in Greenville, South Carolina, and Hardeeville, South Carolina.

Savannah police said they found the Getman's stolen car and arrested Williams. 

Her next hearing will be her arraignment on Jan. 30.