Mother's Day big for florists

For florists across the country, Mother’s Day weekend is kind of a big deal. 

“It's huge,” said Angela Tully, who owns the Pink Flamingo Flower Shop, “it's one of our biggest holidays, gets us through the summer.”

Tully said this Mother's Day seemed to have more significance. “Today is going crazy, but we're getting 300 deliveries out for Mother's Day so trying to please everybody. Seems to be busier 'cause of the COVID.”

Tully said flowers could bridge the gap of social distance. “Because people want to send their moms something, they can't come see 'em, so they're sending flowers!”

She said it had been tough this year, though. Revenue had been down by half, and some flowers were hard to come by. “We couldn't get flowers from Holland or California. We could only get them out of Miami, Colombia, and local flowers. So it changed what flowers we focused on.”

Regardless, they managed to get nearly 600 beautiful bouquets out the door, so far. Tully said flowers make everyone happy. “They've done studies that just having flowers around you lifts your mood. I guess it's comforting, and it's something that you can do.”

The National Retail Federation expected Americans to shell-out nearly $27 billion on Mother's Day spending, this year.