Mother shares story of losing son to mail-order drug

Elaine Moffatt lost her son to a drug overdose, a drug she said he ordered directly to her home over the computer.

"He was blue, he was cold and he was gone," Moffatt said.

Ryan Moffatt, 32, ordered Furanylfentanyl, a research chemical. It's a designer drug, an analog of the opioid pain medication fentanyl.

The D.E.A. is temporarily placing Furanylfentanyl as a Schedule I Drug - but there are many other research chemicals out there that are readily available online.

"Ryan didn't die for not any reason," Moffatt said. "Ryan died because there has to be more word out there with what's going in our country - that we're not only fighting the regular drug dealers but we're also fighting online vending."

Ryan started off on pain killers, later moving to heroin - but his mother said it was the research chemical that eventually ended his life.