More storm debris trucks added to Seminole County fleet

As storm debris cleanup continues across Central Florida, more trucks are being added to Seminole Counties fleet.  As of Friday, there are 86 trucks riding through neighborhoods picking up storm debris. Next week, the county wants to add more. 

Right now, the teams are picking up storm debris first, then will pick up furniture, mattresses, and housing materials. Almost half-a-million cubic yards of debris are spread out across Seminole County, so it could take time for everything to get cleared out. To help speed up the process, crews say debris in plastic bags can slow them down.

"Heavy plastic bags tend to get snarled and accumulate on the grinders," Hector Valle, Seminole County Solid Waste division manager said. 

If they get stuck, crews have to stop the machines which can slow the process down. A storm debris crew worker told FOX 35 News that while going through a Sanford neighborhood, he has seen lots of debris piled underneath trees which makes it harder for the claw to pick up the debris.

Valle also said it helps when residents put their smaller debris in bigger bundles, so the claw trucks can pick those up. Smaller debris piles will have to wait until crews can physically pick those up.

For some residents who don't want to wait, the county said you can take any storm debris to a landfill.