Mom's parenting hack has kids do chores to earn 'money' for movie night at home: ‘They loved it’

(Instagram: sadiras_beauty_box)

A mother of three found a genius way to have her kids finish their chores will also ‘earning money’ for movie night.

Sadira Gray, like many parents, has to had to get super creative with kid friendly quarantine activities—along with trying to keep the home tidy.

On one particular evening, she turned her living room into a make-shift AMC theater, complete with movie signs and a concession stand.


(Instagram: sadiras_beauty_box)

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But just like the movies, you need cash to get in.

So throughout the week every time the kids finished their chores they earned ‘movie money.’


(Instagram: sadiras_beauty_box)

Gray shared the parent hack on Instagram along with video of the kids ‘buying’ concession goodies. Her caption read: 

"Here’s an idea for my moms and dads out there. We had them do chores to earn money for the movies. They loved it!"

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Not a bad way to get your kids to do their chores while also giving them something to look forward to.