Mom says school did not do enough to protect her daughter who was knocked unconscious in fight

A student at Millennium Middle School in Sanford, Florida is recovering from being kicked in the head by another student while walking to class, according to the student's mother.

“The first kick to the temple knocked her out,“ explained Shannon Bean.  "Both of her knees were bloodied from being dragged. She had hair pulled out of head.”

Bean said her 13-year-old daughter, Makyla, was walking out of the school’s bathroom when it happened.

“A girl came from behind her. Grabbed her hair, pulled her down to the ground and started stomping on her in the head. Knocked her out completely,” she said.

Deputies said Makyla lost consciousness.

“Three students carried her to the clinic. She had a concussion, abrasion, contusion on the back of her head,“ Bean said.

Bean said her daughter went to school officials to alert them about the threat, but the mother claims they did not do enough to protect her daughter.

Deputies said a 13-year-old student was charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct; however, Bean believes more needs to happen.

“I just want the school to start protecting our kids. When they say something is wrong follow up with it. Had he reported it my daughter wouldn’t be in the hospital.”

She said her daughter is suffering many injuries, both mental and physical.

“She’s missing hair from the back of her head from where the girl grabbed her and dragged her down. She has a large contusion on her forehead, she has a large contusion on her temple. She doesn’t ever want to see a school again. She’s terrified.”

According to the arrest report, the student was suspended. FOX 35 News reached out to the Seminole County School District, and officials said they are still looking into the situation.  Bean said both girls have been at odds since they were young children.