Mom caught drunk driving with kids in car for 2nd time

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A Warren mother was arrested for driving drunk with her children in the back seat in Ferndale.

Police say this is not the first time Tiffany Shaw has done this. The incident started when police got a call that the driver on Nine Mile in Ferndale may be drunk at 6 p.m. Oct. 3rd.

Police spotted the vehicle and found the license plate is expired, pulling the driver over

On video of the traffic stop one can hear the following exchange:

"Who's back there," asked the police officer. "Three kids, how old are they?"

"Three, 5 and 11," she said.

"Do you have a license," asked the officer.

"It's suspended," Shaw said.

"Have you been drinking," asked the officer. 

"No, nothing illegal," Shaw said.

Police tell Shaw, 29, to get out of the vehicle and after questioning her about drinking and driving again she tells police that's not the case because she learned from a previous incident.

"You were caught drinking and driving before," the officer said. 

"Yeah I was drunk and driving," she said, referring to an arrest in Berkley in 2011.

Once out of the vehicle, police have Shaw perform a field sobriety test and after several missteps, she is arrested

Shaw is charged with opening under the influence second offense and child endangerment second offense. It's a five year felony.

"She got a previous conviction for drunken driving and child endangerment driving with young children in the car," said Lt William Wilson of Ferndale police.

Police say they are thankful the concerned citizen called about Shaw and they want anyone who believes someone is drinking and driving, to do the same.

"We encourage people to do that," Wilson said. "Even if you are not sure, call."