Military dad dresses up as mascot to surprise daughter on senior night

Lt. Col. Herbert Lorfils is on a year-long deployment to the Middle East but made a quick trip home to surprise his cheerleader daughter at the last home football game of the season.

Lt. Col. Lorfils dressed as Germantown's North West High School's mascot the jaguar to fool his daughter Antoinette.


Friday night was senior night, where one-by-one seniors from the football team, pom squad, cheerleaders and marching band walk with their families to be honored.

When Antoinette's name was called she was greeted by the jaguar who revealed himself as dad.


"It means everything to me right now," said Antoinette Lorfils.

"I was really scared because I was like why does this mascot keep coming up to me, but I'm really happy that my dad's here," she continued. 


Her mom, who is also in the Army, Lt. Col. Leslie Lorfils coordinated the surprise.

Lt. Col. Herbert Lorfils' leave is short. He is expected to be back in the Middle East in a few days.