Middle school market feeds students, staff for free in Lake County

Wolfy's Market is there to make sure no one at Lake County's Windy Hill Middle School goes hungry.

“Students and families, faculty, staff... it's for our entire school community. I only wish I had the capacity to open it up more,” said Michael Tarquine, the Windy Hill Teacher who founded the market. “It's been really, really successful beyond what I even imagined the need would be.”

Tarquine said COVID-19 has caused an even greater need for Wolfy's services. Before the pandemic,they had about 400 clients per month.

“We finally opened up a week and a half ago,” Tarquine said. "We've done two food order fulfillments, so far, and have already fed 200 people in a week and a half.”

School community members fill out the orders online for the food they need.

“We fill the order based on the number of people in their family and their need,” Tarquine said. "They have the option to pick it up twice a week, so they can order from us twice a week and we can make sure those families have the food they need to get through.”

They use grant money and work with local food banks to get supplies.

Tarquine said anyone who wanted to help with donations of money or food should contact Windy Hill Middle School.