Meet 'Park Narc Dan,' the Florida man calling out bad parking one citation at a time

What is your biggest annoyance when it comes to bad parking: a car parked over the line, taking of two spots, or parking over a driveway or sidewalk?

Well, one Florida man is taking matters into his own hands. Meet Dan Wise, better known on YouTube as Brevard County's "Park Narc Dan."

He's not an officer and cannot arrest you, but he's not afraid to issue his very own "citations" for those poor park jobs he sees while running his daily errands.

"I have these cards on me and when I drive around I see people parked like idiots I would put cards on their window," he said.

His cards do into hold back: "You parked like an idiot," reads one side. While the other reads, "Do better next time. Don't be a pile of [poop emoji]."

Here are the possible infractions one can be "cited" for:

  • Parking over line
  • Taking more than 1 spot
  • Inventing a parking spot
  • Parking in a handicapped spot with no permit
  • No parking zone

"There's so many people that are truly handicap and so many people who need these spots that I felt like I'm doing a public service, kinda like what Batman would do," Wise said.

And like Batman, he has his own sidekick – Sir Ted, his four-legged friend.

He's started to post some of his videos on YouTube to make people more aware of where and how they park.

And again, with no law enforcement credentials, not everyone will like his fake citations.

He recalled one time someone shoved him in downtown Melbourne after Wise was recording him coming out of a business.

"I get a lot of the gun slingers out there, that are it's a 'stand your ground state," come put that in my house, or I'm going to shoot you, all kinds of crazy things. I don't suggest anyone to do this."

Wise said now he gets people on social media reporting bad park jobs or asking if they can hand out his cards. 

"What's next is ‘Park Narc Dan’ is going to keep the streets safe, make it easy for people, make sure no one gets towed. So by me going out there and putting a card on your car so as much as you might be aggravated, I am really doing you a favor," he said.

FOX 35 did reach out to local authorities to get their reaction, but did not immediately hear back.